Good web design is really important for any size of business, especially when you’re a new business trying to establish yourself online. They allow you to promote your business to a larger geographic area than traditional marketing methods and allow you to generate new customers for your business.

Based in Lancaster, we design websites that are easy to use, tie in with your branding and graphic style and present information to your customers in the best way.

There are 5 stages to a web design project.

1. Research. We listen to our clients and talk through all the things that are important for their website to have or to do. And make suggestions if there’s something they haven’t thought about.

2. Planning. Once we know what a client wants, we then start writing a specification and a plan. Planning is important to make sure everything is taken into consideration, so the client knows the timescales and how the process will work.

3. Design. Our favourite part. We work on the design of the website taking into account all the features and functionality that clients want and making sure it will be easy to navigate and use for the end user. Once the design is approved we build the site to the agreed specification.

4. Deliver. Once built the site it is uploaded to a test area to allow us and the client to see how the site works and make any refinements, add all the content and test the site works in all the browsers. Once all this has taken place the site is ready to go live.

5. Launch. When the client is happy and signs off the website we can then go live. We host our clients websites for them on our own hosting. We can just host it or offer a monthly hosting and updates package.

If you’d like to work with us fill out our project planner or call us on 01524 237760.

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