Brand First

Focussing on your brand first is something I always advise my clients.

As consumers, we live in a digital world.

As businesses even more so. We’re advised continuously that we should be doing all the ‘digital’ we can to survive. And unless we do, we’ll fail.

There’s no doubt about the power of digital in enabling a business to communicate with potential customers, for relatively little effort.

But, as a business, you’re more likely to fail if you don’t attract the right customers to buy your service or product. And to do this, your whole brand needs to connect with them.

Getting your brand identity right first lays the foundations and creates a platform to allow you to reach the right audience so that digital marketing campaign you’re about to do engages with those customers you want and talks to them on their level.

Your brand is everything that a customer sees, hears, feels and experiences when they come into contact with your business. Whether online, in print, face to face or when they open that gadget they’ve ordered.

Everyones savvy, so creating a brand that your customers love is crucial.

Refreshing your brand or rebranding will;

  1. Identify the perfect audience for your product or service
  2. Establish what’s unique about your business
  3. Set the tone, marketing message and look and feel
  4. Use intelligent, creative design to communicate this with your audience

In short, before you invest in all the ‘digital’ you can, take a step back and get your brand right first. It’s worth the investment and will be crucial in helping your business attract your ideal customers and grow.

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