10 years of The Design Attic

10 feels like a pretty significant number. This month marks 10 years since I left my secure, stable job as a graphic designer for the world of self-employment and set up The Design Attic.

Flexible working and a better work-life balance were appealing. I’d also wanted to build my own design agency, so the decision seemed like a no-brainer.

Looking back it was probably a bit of a crazy thing to do. I was starting with nothing. No connections, no clients and just enough saved up to pay my bills for 4 months. With 3 young kids and a 4th due within weeks, it was definitely bad timing.

But it worked.

It’s not been easy at times and there’s been a lot of ups and downs. From being able to work with amazing clients and collaborators to the stress and hard work of running a 4 man design team, chasing work, money and managing people – not my strong point.

So, after 10 years I’ve gone full circle. From freelance to a small design agency and back to freelance.

Here’s to the next 10.

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