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Rebrand or brand refresh?

I often get asked the question “What’s the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh?”
Here I’ll explain the differences between the two, clear up some of the confusion and help you decide which route’s right for you.

Businesses and organisations are continually evolving through various reasons, either by intention or other internal and external factors. A current example is the global pandemic, which has forced business of all kinds to evolve and pivot to serve their customers differently. 

There are loads of other reasons why your business might evolve and cause you to think about updating your brand identity. 

  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Lack of consistency 
  • A change of company name
  • To generate more awareness 
  • To appeal to a new market
  • A company merger
  • Look outdated compared to your competitors
  • Your existing brand doesn’t reproduce well in certain formats e.g. the web

So what is the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh?


Put simply a rebrand happens when your existing brand no longer works for your business. There’s a need to change your strategy and brand identity. Rebranding involves carrying out an audit of the current brand identity, understanding the business and the reason for the change, then creating something brand new.

Rebranding usually includes;

  • Renaming the business
  • Change of logo, colours, fonts, imagery
  • New key messages and tone of voice

Brand Refresh

A brand refresh is a less drastic way of taking your brand identity and doing some tweaks to the different elements to update your brand. While this isn’t as severe, it is an effective way of creating an impact and can make a real difference to a business.

A brand refresh might include;

  • Minor tweaks to your logo 
  • Updating the fonts 
  • Changing the tone of voice
  • Creating an updated look and feel for your marketing comms
  • Adding or tweaking the colours

Depending on which route you go down the costs will vary. A brand refresh is a more cost-effective way of making a change. Whereas rebranding will be more expensive due to the work involved.

If you need some help deciding which route is right for your business, I can help. Get in touch for some advice. 

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